Warmly Welcoming Winter with Service on Sundays Too!

To all our customers (both new and returning) we offer a deep and heartfelt thank you.  We've been humbled by the gracious remarks and are so very happy that (most) people are enjoying our coffee thus far.  Moving into the winter season, we are excited for cooler weather because what's better than a hot cup of coffee on a (relatively) chilly morning?  Now that we've hit the solid 6 month milestone, we're somewhat content with the menu offerings and have gone as far as to actually print them, as opposed to the hand written method.  And besides that, the coffee shop is now functioning quite well and we're very happy with the ambiance of it all.  Also, if you hadn't heard, we are now open 7 days a week!  So come grab a cup of coffee before heading out for a surf, or church, or even a mean couch session on a rainy Sunday.  Regardless of your adventure planned, we'll be here waiting with a warm hug (A.K.A. a delicious cup of coffee or tea)