A Remarkable Image is Worth a Thousand Words.

We here at BREW+FOAM love images, whether they are hand drawn, printed, moving or straight up live- and we have a massive appreciation for those who dedicate themselves to creating compelling images to move people.  Enter Arm Chair Hero.  Now without getting too far into an epic intro, this is a guy who lives clear across the world from us here on our little island of Oahu, yet we have 2 major things that connect us: surfing + radical images.  Lucky for us, he stumbled upon our little start up and we are thrilled he did!  The AH always has some killer 'X collab' or awesome art show going down in his part of the globe, so if you are a fan of sick images, or even more so a fan of surf inspired print work, take a moment to peek into his world... @armchairhero