Oh my.  So much has happened since my last post, I don't even know where to begin.  To spare you from a barrage of apologies, I'll just get right into it.  Without revealing too much, I can say that there has been a period where there was a massive lack of progress (due to circumstances outside of our control) and also some major (and exciting) decisions made that will soon effect the future of BREW+FOAM.  Rest assured, amigos - we are not turning in the towel.  We will soon be serving coffee to the residents and visitors of Oahu's famed North Shore.  I stress that the lack of communication in the past few months deserves a bit of explanation.   First and foremost, 2.0 is fully rebuilt and is a f-ing beast of a truck.  The 1975 Step Van is running strong, is fully legal, and nearly ready to start slingin' lattes around like it's going out of style.  The last two months, Mark has been driving it to every corner of the island and it's been hauling all sorts of bits and pieces that eventually will come together to be a bangin' business.  However (yes, a big however) a few things have been holding us back from completing the build and launching the truck...  

Now, this is the part where I don't want to spoil the release of Episode III of 'My Life and a Food Truck' so I won't go in to a whole lot of detail of why the hell we are taking so god-damned long to release this thing.  What I can say is that we needed some more funding, and so I reverted back to the old ways (as stated in Episode I) and picked up a few jobs that could bring in some much needed capital.  I ended up in Huntington Beach, Tahiti, and currently am working a Surf broadcast out of San Clemente to get the project some cash flow.  Only 1 week to go, and when I return home, we are right back to the proverbial grind stone.  We have some big things unfolding with the company, and it's just a few mere weeks until we can set a date for a real opening.  In this case, patience is more than a virtue - it's an absolute must (I'm talking for me and you.)

For those who have been keeping up with the instagrams, you all have seen 2.0 out and about gathering random artifacts and such from around the island, and hopefully this has you all on the edge of your seat for what is yet to come.  As much as I am already antsy to have a fully functioning entity, this process has taught me a thing or two about perseverance, and even more so - it's taught me a hell of a lot about humility.  I feel like a completely different person from when I started this project, and I think all the hurdles will make the launch that much sweeter when it does actually happen.  Until then, keep hash-tagging your little asses off.  We love the #brewandfoamlovin.

New and fabulous things about to unfold here at BREW+FOAM... Don't count us out just yet.

New and fabulous things about to unfold here at BREW+FOAM... Don't count us out just yet.