Social Media Phobias

The last few weeks have been pretty darn productive as far as general admin stuff goes.  I've been working on the website, the logos, the company branding and what not all week and feeling quite good about the direction we're heading.  However the part that I still feel somewhat squeamish about is the social media buzz I'm putting out into the world on behalf of the company.  What can I say, it just feels weird.  I've never been a fan of posting stuff about myself or what I've been up to on all the social media sites from here to kingdom come, and always struggled with (lack of) subject matter when it came to blogging.  Now I've got an awesome reason to write, post pictures, and (ugh) tweet to my hearts content!  It's still taking some getting used to.  Today I created a company profile on linkdin and it makes me feel SO vulnerable!  Now I actually have to stay accountable and make this company rock (no more slacking) so in this case, I guess it's a good thing.  I'm still working on psyching myself up every time I log into my social media sites, but the responses and support from all you guys out there keeps me going.   Can't wait to get this thing on the open road already!