A new truck, a new logo, a new leaf...

The theme for September seems to be the idea of 'starting anew' here at Brew & Foam.  We have upgraded both our future coffee truck as well as our title logo.   The logo upgrade needed to happen- as much as I loved the crossed arrows, that style of logo is waaay too trendy right now and it's getting to the point where everywhere I look I see a god-damned X of just about anything from a surfboard and a sup paddle crossed, to a fork and a knife crossed.  I was so over it.  So we decided to get a little closer to our single-fin surfing roots and created a logo that felt like a vintage surfboard kinda vibe.  Let us know your thoughts!

 As for the Van, we went from a smaller sized GMC p10 style value van to a Chevy p20 step van.  This one is just a little bigger and we feel like it's going to accommodate our needs a little more in the overall size department.  With the smaller van, I was torn by the idea that I would have to eliminate an integral element (such as brewed coffee and smoothies all together) due to space constraints.  I was so bummed at the notion that I'd have to serve someone an Americano when all they wanted was a drip, dag-nabbit!  Going bigger in overall truck size seemed like it was a good decision.  Regardless of the fact that we'll be losing our (proverbial) ass in the deal (like 7,000$ of a loss), in the long run I think the decision was (somewhat) sound.

The fact that the new truck needs an entire engine rebuild, is covered with graffiti, and has been left to rot in a sketchy neighborhood for the last 6 months, pails in comparison to it's actual potential- and that's what I've set my sights on.   We actually saved it from it's inevitable demise by giving it a new home.  We had it towed from it's impending gravesite to a property located less than a mile from our house.  Alas, the new property where the truck sits is almost as equally questionable as it's previous stall, however this time around it will at least get the TLC it needs.  We have entrusted her in the hands of a backyard mechanic who goes by the name of "Jr." and from what we hear he knows his way 'round an engine like a dentist knows teeth.   Ironically enough, this Mt. Dew guzzlin', Southern-drall talkin', wrenchin' whiz kid is missing a few teeth himself.  

coffee truck tow