Truck #2 finds its way home...

Last night my husband sent me a cryptic text mentioning something about 'trying' to get the truck back.   Not sure if anyone has been reading my twitter feed (sigh) but last week I DID mention that we heard the mechanic who was meant to be swapping out the old engine for a new one actually was just sitting on his ass… in Jail.  Yes, you read that correctly.   The mechanic who we hoped would bring our new truck back to life came up a little short on the landing.  Quite honestly, he missed the landing entirely- by over a mile- the truck never got touched, and weeks passed with absolutely no progress on it (now it all makes sense- he was incarcerated!) Doh! 

But what the hell else is new, I mean there is a developing pattern with the progress of my business and at this point, looking at it from an outsiders perspective, you are probably sitting there thinking that we aren't getting shit done.  Well, kindly remove yourself from your pulpit, Judge Judy, and just have a little faith.  We are in fact still moving forward with progress.  OK, so the truck still doesn't run- hence the reason why my husband dragged it home (literally) behind the junk yard owner's Silverado, chains and all.

I was thrilled and devastated all at the same time as I saw him pulling it into our driveway.  Thrilled to see the truck that we hadn't seen since the day we bought it, but devastated because he parked the truck before I was able to pull out my camera and document the process!  Argh, Bummer.  I guess this is one event that won't make episode 2, but what the heck- at least it's home and we can now commence phase 2 (skipping phase 1- the engine rebuild.)  Phase 2 essentially will be the cleaning of the truck before the build out.  Mark is out there as we speak using spray paint remover in an effort to loosen the god damned sun baked graffiti that's adorned that truck evidentially for months.  I'm not gonna lie, from the looks of it, the process is labor intensive and the chemical smell is undeniably caustic.   Looks like we have our work cut out for us.